Friday, August 7, 2015

SOLO trip

Life is to be shared, I believe that. Its always more memorable to go on a trip with someone and come back gleefully sharing and comparing stories. Its always more fun dancing crazy in your lounge with someone else or sleeping in, entangled in a lovers arms. Life is just more fun that way!
BUT and its a big but, life is still a solo trip.

Whilst we share moments with others, it is critical that we understand that we alone, are responsible for our lives. We cant delegate that to someone else. We are fully in charge of how we feel, how we think and how we act.

Some people had the worst upbringing...abuse, neglect, emotional trauma. I am not trying to belittle that, but with every breath, we agree to live. With every breath, we can choose different thoughts and actions.

I am bad at this. I seem very confident. I can hold a conversation and handle myself professionally. But sometimes life overwhelms me too, and I look to others to tell me what to do and how to feel.
I look to them to tell me whether I am making the "right" decisions, living right. 
But really, by doing this, I am giving over authority to them. 
They dictate my life. They colour in my world.
By doing this, I give over my pen to them and agree to act out whatever script they jot down.

Whilst, this can be comfortable, it is also very dangerous.
By doing this, you deny yourself an opportunity to know you and love you.
You deny yourself, you.

I have decided most recently, that my life = my decisions, my lessons, my journey.
I have made a contract with myself during my stay here. 
The contract states that I will treat myself well, look after myself, and enrich myself with moments and experiences that grow, bless and thrill me.
Understanding this makes my life more adventurous and enjoyable.

I hope we get to a point in our lives where we are not so afraid to live.
I have a feeling that it starts with being unafraid to step out...ALONE.

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