Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hello there!

homecoming - an instance of returning home.

Thank you for logging onto this blog. There are definitely millions and millions of blogs out there. There is probably one being created as you read this.
So what is different about this one?

homecoming is my life's work and my life's journey.

Let me explain...I love people and I love confident people the most. 
Not the arrogant, designer suit wearing types, but people so comfortable in their skin, that they radiate contentment, peace, self love. I bet you know someone like that too right?
It always seems like those types of people know the secrets of life. 
They live like they are going to die - conscious, grateful, zestful...savoring each moment and throwing themselves to each new day.
I want to be that kind of person.

We get one shot at life (in this form) and yet, we take our lives for grated. We walk around aimlessly and shackled by weights of expectations and guilt.
I have realized that as we get older, we stray so far away from our true selves, getting entangled in thick forests of designer labels, meaningless relationships and soul scarring jobs.
With this blog, I aim to offer you a front row seat to my life journey and all the people and thought provoking insights, that push me to live deeply and well.

homecoming is an invitation to you, to dare to peel off years of masking and fear and return back to you!

2015 has been my "homecoming" year. A year where I was pushed off the roller-coaster of a high pressured job. It was a year where I had to face mountains of guilt and shame from career and personal failures. 
It was a year that took me back to myself. 
And it was both painful and magical. It still is.

As I was growing and reclaiming myself, I also realized that many of my friends and family were on the same journey. They too where on a type of life crisis, trying to figure out how they got to where they were at, and how to forge ahead. 
But I have discovered, this is not a crisis. It is just an opportunity to live more consciously and more peacefully with oneself - to try to live well!

It is my wish that this blog will inspire you to reclaim all of you - mind, body, heart.
I hope it forces you to stop long enough to consider who you are - and not who others say you should be. 
I hope it encourages you to forge ahead, stronger, more awake and alive.
I pray that its content will dare you to reach out for the seemingly impossible.

I feed on God's grace each day. His love humbles me. 
Grace pushes me to try be true in all my ways as this is how I will live well.
His grace was found in the moments that brought me to be knees and those that threw my hands up towards the sky in praise. I pray that you find some of that grace in this blog.

This is your life. 
It is unfolding each day...a story is being told. It doesn't stop. 
It is my wish for you and me, that we be the ones holding the pen, writing the story, fearlessly narrating to the world.

May we seek to be all we were created to be.


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